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  Training FAQ    

Q) What should I do before starting the training?


A) Download and fill in the acceptance form (Staj Bildirim Formu). Submit the filled form to the mailbox labeled STAJ in department secretariat and send a reminder email to the training assistant (contact information is below). Note that you should submit this form three weeks in advance of the first day of your training. Otherwise, your social security insurance cannot be issued in time and your training will not be accepted.


Q) The company requires me to submit a document which certificates that training is mandatory for our department. How can I get such a document?


A) Dean's office can give you a document which states that 60 days of training is mandatory for Computer Engineering students.


Q) The company requires me to submit a report of social security insurance status (SSK Bildirgesi) or another document which certificates that Boğazii University will be responsible for social security insurance of the trainee during the training period?


A) The Accounting Department (Hesap İşleri Şubesi) is in charge of issuing the social security insurance papers of the trainee. You can obtain a report of social security insurance from Hesap İşleri three days before your training starts. Until that report is ready they can give you a document which states that Boğazii University will cover your social security insurance during your training. The Accounting Department is located on the basement of the Rectorate's Building.


Q) What should I do after completing the training?


A) In addition to other requirements mentioned below: Download and fill in the completion form, and make sure the company/institution manager signs and stamps it before returning it to the person in charge of the training in the department. Note that you should submit the completion form the next 5 days after your training is completed. You should also obtain the trainee evaluation form from Deans Office have it filled out, signed and stamped by your company/institution manager.


Q) When is the deadline to hand in the training documents?


A) The completion form should be submitted within the next 5 days after your training is completed.

1 November 2013: deadline for submitting the training booklet, trainee evaluation form and filling in the company evaluation form.


Q) Where do I have to hand my documents in?


A) You have to put your documents in the mail box named "Staj" in the Secretariat.


Important Note About Submission: Your documents should be complete. Otherwise your training will NOT BE EVALUATED.  Therefore check the "documents to hand in" carefully.


Q) What are the documents to hand in?


A) You have to hand in:

  1. The training booklet: Both as hardcopy and softcopy. Hardcopy will be submitted to the mailbox labeled as Staj in the Secretariats office. Softcopy form should be a pdf file of the scanned training booklet. Note that the hardcopy and softcopy documents should be exactly the same. You should upload the pdf file at new CmpE Restricted web site.
  1. A company evaluation form, a form to be filled in online here, to evaluate your training and the training site.
  2. The trainee evaluation form (Staj Sicil Formu) (can be sent by the employer to the department)
  3. Also as stated above, the completion form (signed and stamped by the company/institution manager)

Q) What about the stamps (kase) and the approval signatures over the training documents?


A) Each page of the training booklet (including both the weekly program and the report part) must be signed and stamped. No signature or stamp is required for the code samples and supplementary materials included in the appendices.

The trainee evaluation form must also be signed and stamped. It should be submitted in a sealed envelope which is also signed and stamped.

The completion form should be signed and stamped


Q) Can I hand in the trainee evaluation form personally together with other documents?


A) Yes. But, it must be in a closed envelope and the envelope must be sealed at the training site.


Q) What happens if I cannot hand in until the deadline?


A) The penalty is one day reduction from the training period for each day late.


Q) Is the company evaluation letter obligatory? What if I cannot access RESTRICTED?


A) Yes, you have to fill the evaluation letter. If you havent received an email which contains your account information to access CMPE Restricted web page, you can contact training assistant.


Q) How do I obtain an account to access CmpE Restricted Web site?


A) When you submit acceptance form before your training starts, an account for CmpE Restricted web site will be created and an email containing your account details will be sent to you. Please check your Spam folder for an email with subject CmpE Restricted account information from Contact training assistant if you havent received such an email.


Q) What are the periods allowed for training?


A) Basically, you can work as a trainee in the summer and winter breaks. You are not allowed to work in the fall and spring semesters and corresponding final periods. You can work as a trainee on weekdays and Saturdays, but not on Sundays. You cannot work on religious and national holidays.


Q) Can I work as a trainee in the Summer School period?


A) The ones taking only one course from Summer School can work 4 weekdays per week + Saturdays. The ones taking two courses can work 3 weekdays per week + Saturdays. If you are taking more than two courses then, your training cannot overlap the Summer School period.


Q) What are the techniques to fill a training booklet?


A) A template for the training booklet is available in the Documents to Submit page as a Microsoft Word file. You are expected to follow the general report rules given at the end and submit your training booklet exactly in the same format . The template contains the main sections that your training booklet must contain and for each section minimum and maximum number of pages, the information that should go under that section is listed. Make sure that you follow those rules and answer all those questions. Include additional subsections to improve the quality and the readability of your report.

The training booklet should be written in English.

First of all, you have to realize that you are writing a REPORT, not a summary of a book or manual, for the Internship Activities part of the training booklet. Therefore, in the report you have to explain "WHAT YOU HAVE DONE". Do NOT summarize a manual or a book for your training booklet. Think about the activities you have performed during training; e.g. analysis, coding, testing, learning how to use software tools, attending meetings, presenting etc. For each of those activities give details of your work. Do not organize this part as a diary. Instead include for different projects, activities etc.


Q) How can I find a company for training?


A) The requests for trainee from industry are posted on the training board. Please check this board regularly. Moreover, you can search for other companies. A partial list of companies is available here. Of course, the companies that you can work as a trainee are not limited to those on the list.


Q) Is it allowed to work as a trainee for a company more than once?


A) No. Each training should be at a different company. You can not work for the same company more than once even if total number of training days is less than 45.


Q) What are the type of application areas allowed for training?


A) The application can be in one of the following topics:

  1. System Analysis and Design
  2. Software Design and Development
  3. Database and Knowledge Base Applications
  4. Microprocessor-Based System Design and Applications
  5. Computer Network Applications
  1. Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing Applications             

Q) Can I also do my training abroad?


A) Yes, training abroad is permitted. Make sure that all documents are complete before finishing your training. Otherwise, it may not be possible to contact the company to get signatures and stamps.


Q) How can I find a company for training abroad?


A) You can search on the internet. You can check a list of possible websites from here.


Q) Does the university provide insurance for training abroad?


A) Yes. The University will provide for your social security insurance even if the company is located abroad. You should still fill in the acceptance form.


Q) How and where are the results of training evaluations announced?


A) You can check the results of training evaluations at CMPE Restricted web site. Note that CMPE Restricted web site is moved. Make sure that you are using the current URL


Q) Who is the person to ask further questions?


A) You can ask questions about training to Heysem Kaya by contacting him at (Be sure to use the subject "TRAINING"). Make sure that you have reviewed all the information on training here and on the other web pages under Summer Training topic before you send an email.



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