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  In-Service Training By-Laws    

(Approved by the Engineering Faculty of Bogazici University on April, 2007)
The main objective of In-Service Training is to provide the students of the Engineering School with practical, technological, as well as managerial experience through personal contact in engineering and industrial organizations. It is the personal responsibility of each student to be physically and mentally active during the In-Service Training period through direct participation in the job assigned to him by the organization.
These by-laws are intended to serve the above-mentioned objective, are based on the regulations under the Decree No : 6/8094 published in the official Gazette, June 10, 1967.

A total of 60 working days of In-Service Training employment in qualified jobs is one of the requirements of the B.S. degree in engineering. Twenty working days of training on campus required for Freshmen students following the academic year shall be counted as a part of the 60 days. Of the available places allocated by the Ministry, priority is given to the Juniors. Freshmen students are allowed In-Service provided that the job is suitable to his/her educational level and background, and approved by the department concerned.

A student may train in any of the following categories of jobs : Operation, Management, Maintenance, Design, Construction, Research, Planning provided that the work is related to his field of study, and is approved by his department.

Each student must submit

  1. A Diary, containing a brief description of the day-to-day work carried out at the plant.
  2. A Report, combining the theoretical and the practical aspects of the work done. The report should be approximately 1000-2000 words in length and should include full bibliography.
  3. A Letter of Evaluation of the working conditions and suitability of the plant to serve as a recommendation letter. This should be brief and in a separate sheet of paper.
  4. The Training Certificate

Both the diary and the report must be written in the Diary Booklet prepared specially for this purpose, and on sale at the University Bookstore.

The four items listed above must be submitted to the Department by the end of October. All written work must be in English.


Additional Information

  • The summer course comprises 20 working days of training. Students receive grades, like in other courses, at the end of the summer course.
  • Industrial training is made in at least two parts in different firms or institutions, each of them with at least 15 working days of duration.
  • For each industrial training, the student prepares a training diary explaining the training that she made. The training diary is a printed notebook, which can be obtained from the university bookstore. The training diary is filled according to its format. The student submits the training diary to the Department secretariat at the beginning of the second month of the semester following her training period, at the latest. One day is cut off from the training time for each late day of submission. Training diaries submitted after the beginning of the third month of the semester are not accepted by the Department.
  • The trainee also has to see to it that the training certificate to be filled by the manager in the training location reaches the Department in a closed envelope. The training is not considered unless the certificate reaches the Department until the beginning of the second month of the following semester, at the latest.
  • The trainee also submits a letter of evaluation (a few pages) in which she evaluates the training she has made together with the training diary. If the training diary and letter of evaluation are submitted on separate dates, the later date is considered to be the submission date.
  • In the training evaluation (by the Department,) the main criteria are the format and completeness of the training diary, the submission dates of the diary, certificate and letter of evaluation, the adequacy of the training and whether it has been documented well or not.
  • The training cannot comprise only of the learning of a system or application; it must also contain the development of a system or application. The applications can be on one of the following topics, as well as on other topics which will be found suitable by the Department.
    • System Analysis and Design
    • Software Design and Development
    • Database and Knowledge Base Applications
    • Microprocessor-Based System Design and Applications
    • Computer Network Applications
    • Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing Applications


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