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Title: Turkish Word Sense Disambiguation Using WordNet
Advisor: Tunga Güngör
Type: MS
Year: All
Status: Offered

Literature survey on word sense disambiguation (WSD) using WordNet will be done. In this project, Turkish WordNet will be used, thus the structure of Turkish WordNet will be studied in full. The existing WSD methods will be adapted to Turkish using Turkish WordNet and in addition a new method will be proposed. Some characteristics peculiar to Turkish may be taken into consideration and some heuristics in order to increase the success of the method may be formulated (e.g. large number of suffixes in Turkish may give clue in selecting the correct sense of a word). The performances of the methods will be compared in detail.

If need arises, in addition to WordNet, some other resources (Turkish corpora, etc.) may be used. Also the methods used and the proposed method may be applied to English.

Resources required: Turkish WordNet, Turkish morphological analyzer/POS tagger
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