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  Offered/Ongoing MS/PhD Theses    

Offered MS/PhD Theses:

No Advisor Title Type Year
1Cem ErsoyMS Thesis Topics offered by Cem ErsoyMS All
2A. C. Cem SayMS thesis project ideas from C. SayMS All
3A. C. Cem SayPhD research ideas from C. SayPhD All
4Taflan Gündemrequirements modelling for various programming paradigmsMS All
5Taflan Gündemvarious topics on databases and their application.PhD All
6Tunga GüngörTurkish Word Sense Disambiguation Using WordNetMS All
7Tunga GüngörSyntactic Parsing of TurkishMS All
8Tunga GüngörText Summarization for TurkishPhD All
9Tunga GüngörTranslation Memory System for Turkish-EnglishMS All
10Tunga GüngörDeveloping an Automated Theorem ProverPhD All

Ongoing MS/PhD Theses:

No Advisor Title Type Year Assigned to
1Albert Ali SalahBiometric identification based on fusion of palm and dorsal hand vein patternsMS All Rıdvan Salih Kuzu
2Albert Ali SalahDetecting Attitudes and Trends in Turkish NewsMS All Dicle Öztürk
3Albert Ali SalahAffective analysis of in-game chat behavior of Turkish gamersMS All Eda Aydın
4Albert Ali SalahAge Prediction from Mobile DataMS All Didem Gündoğdu
5Albert Ali SalahAdaptive mixture modeling for speech emotion recognitionPhD All Heysem Kaya
6Albert Ali SalahSocial Behaviour Analysis and Player Profiling for Quantifying Player Loyalty and Detecting Abusive Behaviour in Online GamesPhD All Koray Balcı
7Albert Ali SalahCaricatured Face RecognitionMS All Tuğçe Özkaptan
8Albert Ali SalahComputer vision based reuse detection in digital artworksMS All Furkan Işıkdoğan
9Arda YurdakulFlexible Router Design for Network-on-Chip Systems on Reconfigurable DevicesMS All Ömer Çoğal
10Can ÖzturanCombinatorial MarketsPhD All Ali Haydar Özer
11Can ÖzturanAnalysis of Molecular Interaction MapsPhD All Evrim Itır Karaç
12Cem ErsoyMovement Based Participatory Group Sensing on SmartphonesMS All Yunus Emre Ustev
13Cem ErsoyQoS-aware Routing for the Smart Grid Communication NetworksMS All Huseyin Temiz
14Cem ErsoyEfficient Feature Extraction For Activity Recognition on Smart PhonesMS All Erman Dogan
15Cem ErsoyAmbient Assisted LivingPhD All Gokhan Remzi Yavuz
16Cem ErsoyGreen Cellular NetworkingPhD All Turgay Pamuklu
17Cem ErsoyHeterogeneous Green NetworkingPhD All Aykut Yigitel
18Cem ErsoyActive Learning for Activity Recognition using Wireless Sensor NetworksPhD All Hande Ozgur Alemdar
19Cem ErsoyAll Day Long Indoor and Outdoor Seamless Activity RecognitionMS All Ali Yavuz Kahveci
20Cem ErsoyOpportunistic Urban SensingPhD All Bilgin Kosucu
21A. C. Cem SayQuantum Counter AutomataMS All Şefika Yüzsever
22A. C. Cem SayAutomata with resetPhD All Nuri Taşdemir
23Fatih AlagözRouting Mechanims for Next Generation Satellite NetworksPhD All Ömer Korçak
24Fatih AlagözMultimedia wireless networksPhD All Gürkan Gür
25Fatih AlagözAn Efficient IP Security Architecture to the Multicast Systems over GEO SatellitesMS All Seda Demirağ
26Fatih AlagözModeling and analysis of cognitive radio networksMS All Derya Çavdar
27Fatih AlagözA new lane detection algorithm for unmanned vehiclesMS All Yasemin Tımar
28Fatih AlagözRouting in cognitive radio networksMS All Nazlı Gündüz
29Fatih AlagözSpectrum sensing in cognitive radio networksMS All Ali Alıcı
30Fatih AlagözUser traffic model for cognitive radio networksMS All Funda K. Cimilli
31Fikret GürgenStock Exchange (Time series) PredictionPhD All Serdar Yumlu
32Fikret GürgenIntelligent Arrythmia ClassificationPhD All Okan Şakar
33Fikret GürgenCredit Risk Analysis Using Hidden Markov ModelsMS All Hasan Tahsin Oğuz
34Fikret GürgenA Modular Approach for Credit Risk AnalysisMS All Gülnur Derelioğlu
35Fikret GürgenTV logo Detection and ClassificationMS All Nedret Ozay
36Haluk BingölEmergence of LanguagePhD All Amaç Herdağdelen
37Haluk BingölComplex Networks Models Using Local InformationPhD All Fatih Öğün
38Haluk BingölCommunity Detection in Complex NetworksMS All Selçuk Cemoğlu
39Lale Akarun3D Motion Synthesis by Learning from Motion Capture DataMS All Koray Balcı
40Lale AkarunHuman Motion Analysis and UnderstandingPhD All Furkan Kıraç
41Lale AkarunBlind Source Separation Using Bayesian TechniquesPhD All Onur Dikmen
42Lale AkarunBody Movement Analysis with Video Sensor NetworkMS All Fatih Kızkun
43Lale AkarunFacial Expression Synthesis Using Motion Capture DataMS All Özlem Çetin
44Levent AkınCoordinating Arm and Body Movement of a Mobile Robot for Door OpeningMS All Mehmet Murat Sevim
45Levent AkınTransfer Learning By Subgoal Discovery in Partially Observable Dynamic EnvironmentsPhD All Barış Gökçe
46Levent AkınAffordance Based Planning for Autonomous RobotsMS All Serhan Daniş
47Levent AkınSemi-Supervised Map Learning and Navigation in Dynamic Environments Through Human Robot InteractionPhD All Ergin Özkucur
48Levent AkınAutonomous Hierarchical Reinforcement LearningPhD All Ersin Başaran
49Levent AkınDeveloping a Fitness Coach Robot for Elderly People in Assisted Living Environments MS All Binnur Görer
50Levent AkınDevelopment of a Five Degrees Of Freedom Robot Arm and a Three Finger End Effector Capable of Grasping ObjectsMS All Ünal Altınay
51Levent AkınCognitive Development of Robots through Memory-based Cumulative LearningPhD All Tekin Meriçli
52Levent AkınDevelopment of A Robot Actor with a Human DirectorMS All Tuğçe Ayar
53Levent AkınLearning Pick-and-Place Behaviors Using a Low-Cost Robotic ArmMS All Yiğit Yıldırım
54Oğuz TosunScheduling on CMP (Chip MultiProcessor) for Reliability,Energy and Performance ConstraintsPhD All Betül Demiröz
55Oğuz TosunDesign and Implementation of Parallel Sequence Allignment Algorithms on Heterrogeneous Multicore ProcessorsMS All Mert Zeybekler
56Oğuz TosunEnhancement of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistant Systems) Applications via GPS and Digital MapsPhD All A.Ufuk Peker
57Oğuz TosunEfficient Mapping of ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistant Systems) Algorithms on Multicore ArchitecturesPhD All Kerem Par
58Oğuz TosunLocality Aware Scheduling on Hybrid Multicore ArchitecturesPhD All Fuat Geleri
59Pınar Yolum BirbilGenerating and Ranking Commitment ProtocolsPhD2013Akın Günay
60Taflan GündemSecurity measure for outsouring database servicesMS All Emre Moustafa
61Taflan GündemPrivacy preserving assosiaciation rules on graph databasesMS All Emrah Güder
62Taflan GündemIndexing xml for graph operationsMS All Mustafa Öztorun
63Tuna TuğcuQoS with OFDM for B3G Wireless SystemsMS All Ali Akkaya
64Tuna TuğcuRouting in Wireless Sensor Networks for Disaster MonitoringMS All Salim Eryiğit
65Tuna TuğcuQoS Aware Routing in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor NetworksMS All Atahan Kara
66Tuna TuğcuEffective Resource Management via Cell BreathingMS All Fethi Kaval
67Tuna TuğcuA-GPS and Fingerprinting for LBSMS All Ömer Faruk Kurt
68Tuna TuğcuSpectrum Mobility in Cognitive Radio NetworksMS All N. Özlem Özcan
69Tuna TuğcuSoftware Architecture of Software Defined Radios for Cognitive Radio NetworksMS All Adem Zümbül
70Tunga GüngörDeveloping Concept Mining Methods for TurkishMS All Cem Rıfkı Aydın
71M. Ufuk ÇağlayanModel Checking of Software Design Specifications in UMLPhD All Albert Özkohen
72M. Ufuk ÇağlayanFormal Representation and Analysis of Secure Routing in Ad Hoc NetworksPhD All Burak Gürdağ
73M. Ufuk ÇağlayanInformation Theory on SecrecyPhD All Orhan Ermiş
74M. Ufuk ÇağlayanFraud Modeling in Relation to Computer Security PhD All Yiğit Kültür
75M. Ufuk ÇağlayanSecure RFID ProtocolsPhD All Mete Akgün
76M. Ufuk ÇağlayanCyber-Physical Systems and Energy Based Side Channel AttacksPhD All Murat Cihan
77M. Ufuk ÇağlayanSecurity Verification of Software Specifications in UMLPhD All Engin Deveci
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