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  General Information on Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Engineering    

The Ph. D. program in Computer Engineering requires the completion of at least 24 credits of course work and a Ph. D. Dissertation.

Those who have M. S. degrees in related areas may also apply but will be required to take additional remedial courses. Those who have graduated from an M.S. program without thesis are not admitted to the program

Ph. D. Program Rules (Set by the Department)

  1. Applicants to the Ph. D. program in Computer Engineering have to include a declaration about their intentions about the subject and nature of their dissertation study in their applications, i.e. Statement-of-Purpose (SoP). This information is used in the evaluation of the Ph. D. application.
  2. Exemption from remedial courses:
    • When the student is accepted to the PhD program, the Remedial Course Exemption Form (ReCEF) is sent by e-mail. The student has to fill and submit ReCEF until the date specified in the e-mail and submit it to the Coordinator of Graduate Studies in CmpE.
    • To exempt from remedial courses, the following conditions must hold
      • The instructor of the course in CmpE agrees that the contents of the course are similar to the one that he/she teaches (note that even though the name of the course might be the same, its contents may be different in different universities)
      • Grade of each course in ReCEF is at least CC.
      • Arithmetic average of the courses in ReCEF is at least BB.
    • Otherwise the student tries to satisfy these conditions before he/she registers for the qualification exam. In other words, the courses that do not meet the exemption criteria have to be attended during the time he/she takes PhD courses. This is achieved by doing the necessary course work asked by the instructor of the attempted remedial course. Note that the course work requirements are not the same for all required courses.
  3. The PhD student selects the courses under the guidance of his/her advisor. The advisor is the faculty member with whom the student fills the SoP.
  4. One of PhD courses must be CmpE699 - Guided Research in PhD-I. This course is usually taken in the first or second semester after the student enrolls the program. It makes the student study the literature that will be related with the thesis work. The advisor may ask the student to take at most four additional non-credit guided research courses CmpE69A, 69B, 69C and 69D depending on the breadth of the thesis topic.
  5. The PhD student can register for the qualification exam after he is exempt from the remedial courses. Registration without fulfilling the exemption requirement will cause you to fail from the qualification exam without taking the exam.
  6. For the details of the qualification exam process, please contact your advisor.
  7. The student who has passed the qualification exam starts preparing his/her Ph. D. Dissertation Proposal in the following semester. For this student, a Dissertation Committee, consisting of at least three faculty members (including the advisor) is formed with the proposal of the advisor and the approval of the Department Board. The student defends his/her written Dissertation Proposal in front of this committee. The Dissertation Committee informs the Department Board about the result with a report. The student starts his/her dissertation study after the acceptance of the Dissertation Proposal by the Dissertation Committee.
  8. Each semester, the student presents his/her progress in the thesis work and research plans for the following semester to the Dissertation Committee.
  9. The Ph. D. students should either work as assistants for two courses or give a series of seminars during their Ph. D. studies.
  10. The student has to submit at least two journal papers in SCI-E, SSI or AHCI during his/her dissertation study. Both submissions have to receive the acceptance for publication before defending his/her dissertation.
  11. The student who has completed his/her Ph. D. dissertation and satisfied all the requirements of the department defends his/her dissertation in front of a jury
  12. Additional rules, which are not listed here, appear in the B.U. Graduate Education By-laws.
  13. Conformance to all rules are checked by the advisor, the Standing Committee, the Dissertation Committee and the Coordinator of the Graduate Studies in CmpE.

The Coordinator of the Graduate Studies in CmpE

  • Arda Yurdakul

Standing Committee for PhD Qualification Exam in CmpE

  • Haluk Bingöl
  • Taylan Cemgil
  • Albert Ali Salah
  • Fatih Alagoz
  • Fikret Gurgen
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