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  Acar Erkek, 2010  [download thesis]    

Thesis Title

Mixture of Experts Learning in Automated Theorem Proving


The main challenge of automated theorem proving is to find a way to shorten the
search process. Therefore using a good heuristic method is essential. Although there are
several heuristics that improve the search techniques, studies show that a single heuristic
cannot cope with all type of problems. The nature of theorem proving problems makes
it impossible to find the best universal heuristic, since each problem requires a different
search approach. Choosing the right heuristic for a given problem is a difficult task even
for an human expert. Machine learning techniques were applied successfully to construct
a heuristic in several studies. Instead of constructing a heuristic from scratch, we propose
to use the mixture of experts technique to combine the existing heuristics and construct a
heuristic. Since each problem requires a different approach, our method uses the output data
of a similar problem while learning the heuristic for each new problem. The results show
that the combined heuristic is better than each individual heuristic used in combination.

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