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  Pınar Kavak, 2009  [download thesis]    

Thesis Title

Development of a Translation Memory System for Turkish to English


This thesis studies on translation memory systems and development of a trans-
lation memory system on Turkish to English. A translation memory system is a tool
that is designed for helping human translators during translation. It uses a database
that consists of text parts such as blocks, paragraphs, sentences, or phrases in one lan-
guage that is called source language and their translations in another language which
is called target language. The translation memory system searches its database to
find the closest sentence for the source sentence that has to be translated. Transla-
tion memory systems that are used by human translators offer the best matches for
the review of the translator. The translator either accepts the result or rejects it, or
makes some modifications, or asks for the second best result. This thesis presents
a translation memory system based on both orthographic and semantic knowledge.
Translation memory system concept is not popular for Turkish. To the best of our
knowledge, there is not a translation memory system developed for Turkish to English.
This is the first translation memory system on Turkish to English. The proposed sys-
tem uses a sentence level memory but exploits words and various linguistic features of
the language. The similarity search algorithm takes advantage of highly agglutinative
word structures, inflectional and derivational affixes of Turkish. The presented frame-
work considers orthographic, morphologic, lexical, semantic and syntactical features.
It gathers good success rate on Turkish (about 0.40 BLEU score) and is expected to
be helpful on the translation of languages that have similar linguistic structure with

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