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  Uğur Yenier, 2005    

Thesis Title

Extensible interactive web services


Distributed applications and their enabling architectures have been a developing research field and gained considerable momentum after the discovery of the Internet. Many of the research in this field focus on providing reusable service architectures to create applications using existing services. Recently there is increasing work to provide user interaction capabilities to these service architectures. However current interactive service architectures do not provide extensive capabilities to modify the presentation layer. In this research our aim is to design a platform neutral, extensible, interactive Web service framework that can be consumed in distributed interactive Web applications. We primarily focus on reuse of existing interactive services in both service and presentation layers. We believe that extensibility and customization capabilities on the interactive services will increase reusability of existing services and enable the development of value added services. We also focus on providing consumer device independent service outputs to increase the reusability of interactive services and increase efficiency of creating interactive Web applications.Extensible Interactive Web Services (EIWS) framework provides extensive modification of service and presentation layers of consumed services. EIWS framework also provides platform neutral interactive service framework that can deliver interactive content to any consumer device. It is shown that EIWS provides for opportunity to reuse existing interactive services while modifying them as necessary.
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