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  Erhan Durusüt, 2005    

Thesis Title

Vavframe-volumetric analysis and visualization framework


Existing medical visualization systems share common features. They provide modularity, user extensibility, a graphical user interface to construct network of computational modules and to interact with the execution of the application network. While providing all of the above, VAVFrame introduces a new user group called application designer which acts as an intermediary between the end-user of the application and the developers of the individual modules. A custom application request from the end-user is evaluated by the application designer and constructed as a network of existing modules. The designer is also responsible of the customization of the interface components presented to the end-user. This approach speeds up the custom application development process as well as providing improved module sharing between seemingly different but technically similar applications, such as angiography and colonography. The end-user is also saved from the underlying complexities of constructing a network of modules. The goal is to increase efficiency in both development and customization. This thesis also addresses a common problem of interacting with 3D data within VAVFrame. An intuitive 3D slicer is developed and implemented as an alternative to conventional user interaction tools such as mouse and keyboard. The approach is based on stereo tracking a planar object used as a virtual 3D slicer.
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