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  Dilek Demirel, 2005    

Thesis Title

Development of a new group key management scheme for mobile ad hoc networks Development of a new group key management scheme for mobile ad hoc networks


A mobile ad hoc networks is self-organizing network which consists of a collection of mobile nodes that do not have a pre-established infrastructure to provide connectivity. Group communication is a many-to-many communication paradigm, which applies to distributed and collaborative applications. Mobile ad hoc networks constitute a cost effective and easy-to-easy platform for group communication applications. How-ever, securing such applications is a challenging task because of the nature of mobile ad hoc networks and group communication protocols. Key management is the core problem in providing security. This thesis addresses the problem of cryptographic key management for group communication in mobile ad hoc networks. We developed a new hierarchical and contributory group key management scheme which works efficient in mobile ad hoc networks. Our solution proposes a multilevel subgroup structure. The main idea of our hierarchial group key management scheme is to use contributory protocols at each level of the subgroup hierarchy, using a key produced at one level as the input for upper level key agreements. The aim is to generate a group-wide secret key, using contributions from each member. The proposed scheme decreases number of rounds, number of exponentiations and total message size for key agreement with respect to a totally flat key agreement scheme.
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