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  Mustafa Adaçal, 2005    

Thesis Title

Agent based new mobile web services framework


In today's world there is an increasing need for ubiquitous access to desktop applications. Mobile devices have already been a part of our daily life. They provide for many different properties such as access to data in a nomadic fashion by using different wireless communication technologies. Mobile devices are running on many different platforms, such as Symbian, Palm, Windows Mobile and other proprietary platforms. Although the main functionalities are the same, the development environments vary for each platform. A problem of integration arises when users would like to access existing desktop applications, which are running on platforms different than mobile clients do, through their mobile devices. At this point, web services can be a right solution to solve integration issues. Web services are independent of the operating system, programming language and implementation methods. Once a service is deployed, it can be invoked from any client independent of its platform. Web services are based on XML technologies and the protocols used are heavy- weight in terms of processing power and network bandwidth. So, the question is that whether web services are appropriate for the mobile environment or not, especially when the processing power of the clients and network bandwidth is limited, or not. In this research, the performance of web services in terms of response time and network load is analyzed. Different mobile web services architectures are analyzed and a new framework based on mobile agents is proposed. Two test applications are developed and their performances are analyzed in terms of response time and network load.
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