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  Hale Müge Kıncak, 2004    

Thesis Title

Audio streaming on mobile phones


The objective of this thesis is to implement an audio streaming client on Nokia 7650 mobile phone and evaluate the performance of it on GPRS network. As streaming protocol, RTP; as audio encoding technique PCM, PCMU, and AMR are determined to be utilized.Nokia 7650 runs Symbian 6.1 OS and Series 60 Platform enables the developers create applications on Symbian OS. This platform provides two programming languages, Java and Symbian C++. Neither of the programming options provides RTP functionality. Worse, Java option lacks the UDP protocol essential for RTP implementation. Thus, C++ option is used in the audio streaming client development. Utilizing Symbian C++, RTP and RTCP protocols are implemented. Upon these protocols, audio streaming client is implemented.The client application needs a streaming server for its operation. Utilizing Visual C++ a multithreaded audio streaming server is implemented which runs on Windows XP. It captures sound through the microphone and streams it using the RTP and RTCP protocols which are also implemented by us. This server, although currently implemented as unicast, may be a candidate audio conference server if modi?ed to work as multicast.
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