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  Engin Deveci, 2004    

Thesis Title

Pera: location based multimedia services framework


With the improvements in computer industry, computers became smaller and more powerful. Pocket size computers and wireless network technology have opened a new area of services that can be offered to the users. Now, people are able to get information anywhere, anytime. In this study, a framework for delivering location based, multimedia services is proposed, designed and developed. With this new framework, in any place where there is wireless network access, users can make voice and video calls, use instant messaging and presence and benefit from location-based services. A module inside the framework determines locations of the users and this information is made available to other modules. Using this user location information, location-based services can be offered to the user on request or on time and location triggers. With this system, users can also see the location of their friends and track their assets. Another objective of this study is to provide a framework for the operators to develop new services while the system is up. There does not exist any limit on the number of services that can be developed. Using this framework, operators can define new services, and modify available ones whenever they wanted. In the first section, a general introduction of the system is given. In the second section, current solutions of the defined problems are presented. Third section defines main objectives of the system, and in the fourth section architectural details of the system are explained. In section five, performance tests and results are given. At the end of the document, general results of this study are presented, and future work on the system is discussed.
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