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  Handan Gül Çalıklı, 2004    

Thesis Title

A policy specification language for an 802.11WLAN with enhanced security network


In wide area networks, each administrative domain owns a set of security policies. Integration of these security policies should be considered, since administrative domains are not isolated from each other. The existence of mobile devices such as laptops, PDAs and mobile agents makes the problem more complicated. Thus, existence of security flaws arising from inconsistencies among the elements of security policies of different Administrative domains is inevitable. In order to detect such security flaws a formal policy specification language is needed. The advantage of a formal language compared to the natural language, is that it makes the verification of security policies via automated theorem proving tools, such as Isabelle, possible. In this thesis, we extend the existing network-aware formal model Mobadtl to obtain a formal policy specification language for 802.11 wireless LANs with enhanced security network. Extensions are made by adding axioms for system information, architectural operations and file access operations to existing mobility and communication axioms of Mobadtl. In order to perform sample verifications using the axioms we formed, a proof assistant for Mobadtl called MaRK is usedwith the necessary adaptations made.
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