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  Kubilay Akgül, 2004    

Thesis Title

An M-commerce framework on J2ME with new features of MIDP 2.0


Today, small devices with network connecytion like Personal Data Assistants (PDAs) and cell phones, let users to reach any kind of information from anywhere and anytime. The next step for these devices is to carry the success of e-commerce in internet environment tothe mobile world. However, the limited resources of these devices prevent them to include all the security features of a desktop machine. In this study, an m-commerce frame work is designed on op of the new security enhancements of the MIDP 2.0 platform of J2ME. MIDP 2.0 specification introduced HTTPS protocol for wireless devices, which is the secure way of communication used commonly in many monetary transactions of e-commerce appl,ications. The push registry feature of this platform enable the client devşces of the design to be launched autonmatically with incoming network connection.With this feature, the client is prevented from pooling the server for the results of its orders periodically. On the other hand, the MIDP does not support session tracking mechanisms like URL re-writing or cookies. The session tracking and session timeout is handled in the application layer. Since the client authentication is not implemented in MIDP, the RADIUS server of a GSM Company is used to make a mapping from the IP address of the client to its MSISDN. The messages send from server to clients are coded in XML format and clients included a parser to translate these messages into memory objects. A proof of concept implementation that sends stock exchange operations to the server is also added in this thesis.
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