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  Oğuz Dilmaç, 2003    

Thesis Title

Design and imlementation of a dynamic time warping based arrhythmia classification system


In this thesis we have developed and implemented an arrhythmia analysis system. For this purpose we have developed a visualization and test interface. And we have proposed an algorithm based on dynamic time warping (DTW) and programmed this algorithm in the system. The aim of the algorithm is to provide fast and robust arrhythmia classification of electrocardiagraphic (ECG) signal. Morphologic characteristics of a patient can vary greatly from time to time. In order to increase the robustness, many arrhythmia analysis systems try to define new templates dynamically. Since such variances can be handled automatically in DTW algorithms, dynamic template handling is not a necessity anymore. As a result, using this method, patient independent and simple analysis systems can be made possible.
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