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  Metin Yıldırım, 2002    

Thesis Title

Fuzzy control of aerodynamically driven missiles


In the design of fuzzy controllers, model-based and heuristic design approaches can be used. It really exhibit great challenge to use heuristic design approach in missile control problem, originated by its own difficulties. In this study, possible domain of intervals for the control variables are detected by using a conventional control method and this information is used in the construction of the rule base. The controller designed using a conventional method is used in the model-based approach while designing the fuzzy controller. In the design of rule-based autopilot, disadvantage of having great number of rules in the rule base is overcome by developing a search algorithm. The search of having a better rule base made it necessary to investigate the histograms of the control variables. But, this approach did not provide any improvement in the system response. While investigating the histograms of the control variables, it is observed that some domain intervals of control variables have many data points, while others have considerably less. Therefore, it is concluded that the domain intervals of control variables having considerably less data points may be skipped without defining an extra membership function, by enlarging the boundaries of the neighbour membership functions.In the design of gain-scheduling fuzzy controller Mach number profiles are resembled by fuzzy membership functions. If the aerodynamic pressures at the centers of these fuzzy membership functions are calculated previously, these can be used to adapt the controller coefficients to changing environmental conditions computed at the design conditions by gain scheduling.
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