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  Serkan Erdur, 2003  [download thesis]    

Thesis Title

An Artificial Life Implementation Using Different Techniques of Artificial Neural Networks


Artificial life means life created artificially by human rather than by nature. It tries to achieve several goals like to modeling or even creating life and developing applications for finding solutions to real world problems using methods taken from life. The work reported in this thesis is the design, implementation and results of a software infrastructure that try to create artificial life forms which resembles the real life forms.

An artificial life world and the constituents of this artificial world and the interactions between them are designed. The physiology, metabolism, sensory mechanisms and behaviors of the agents that live in this world were defined.

For the controlling structure of the agents artificial neural networks are used. Different artificial neural network architectures and evolution techniques were designed, tested and compared by this study. Different strategies for encoding artificial neural networks are designed and tested and for these encoding strategies different evolutionary operators are defined.
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