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  Metin Şenkal, 2003  [download thesis]    

Thesis Title

An Approach for Machine Translation Between Turkish and Spanish


In the present thesis, an interlingua based bidirectional machine translation system between Turkish and Spanish has been discussed. In this study, Turkish and Spanish morphology and syntax rules are examined. Spanish verb conjugation with a great variety of morphological combinations are investigated, a finite state automata is designed to cover 53 different types of irregular Spanish verbs. Additionally, semantic representation models are built for both parsing and generation of Spanish and Turkish sentences. Several methods are developed to resolve different ambiguity types.

The main application developed for this study reads the input files in the source language either in Turkish or Spanish, and outputs the translation (if possible) of the sentence in target language. Other programs can be implemented to translate in interactive mode, so that with incorrect input sentences partial transfers can be possible to guide the user to figure out the correct translation.
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