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  Admission to Master of Science in Software Engineering    

Applications for Fall 2014:

Application dates: 2-20 June 2014
Applications will be done to the Registrar's Office online. The corresponding documents will be supplied to CmpE Department (Hicran Kırılmaz, 1st floor). Click here for Registrar's Office "Ikinci Ogretim Yuksek Lisans Basvurulari Duyurusu".
Interviews: 2 July 2014 .Wednesday 16:00
Place: Computer Engineering Department, 1st Floor, Ali Vahit Şahiner Seminar Room, #16

All applicants must be present at the interviews, fill in the following questionnaire (pdf, doc) and submit it to the department secretary as a hard copy on the day of the interview.

Admission Requirements:

  • GPA: Any undergraduate graduation GPA greater than 2.00/4.00 of a 4 year license program in a university, which is required for your undergraduate graduation anyway.
    • "ALES Sayısal" must be higher than 55. For information on ALES, click here. ALES results are valid for 3 years.
    • GRE Quantitative must be higher than 610 and GMAT score must be higher than 450. GRE/GMAT results are valid for 3 years.
  • English Requirement
    • "B.U. English Proficiency" (BUEPT) min C, or equivalently TOEFL IBT Test min 79, TWE min 22, or equivalently IELTS min 6.5, IELTS Writing min 6.5.
    • For this year's BUEPT click here.
    • BUEPT, TOEFL and IELTS results are valid for 2 years. ÜDS and KPDS results are not accepted for graduate admissions.
  • A minimum of 2 references must be submitted with the application. References from a manager of the applicant's firm will also be accepted. Use the following form for references (Ref. form)
  • Click here for application form, application requirements and information about Boğaziçi University Admission
  • Quota is 50 students each for fall and spring terms. There's no English Prep quota.
  • Your GPA, ALES/GRE grade, English level, references, interview results and (if available) working experiences are all important in your acceptance to the program.

Per credit tuition in the Academic Year 2013-2014 is 600 TL. Tuition for each semester is calculated by multiplying the total credits of courses taken in that semester by 600 TL and paid at the beginning of each semester. Payments by installments or by credit card are not available.
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