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  General Information on Master of Science in Computer Engineering    

For the M.S. degree in computer engineering, students are required to complete at least 24 credits of course work and a noncredit seminar course before preparing and successfully defending a Master's Thesis. At least 12 of these credits have to be earned by selecting CmpE courses. At most two of the courses may be senior level undergraduate courses. Advisor's approval is required for determining non-CmpE courses.

Those holding a BS degree in a field other than computer engineering may apply for the M.S. program if their BS degree is in a related field. These applicants have to complete the required courses of the computer engineering BS program without earning credit for the fulfillment the requirements of the MS program.

MS students who wish for a temporal extension for the thesis defence should write a petition to FBE. This petition will be signed by the graduate advisor, thesis advisor and the department chair. If the student wishes to defend this summer, we advise the commencement of the defence jury preparations. Theses with a single advisor require a jury of 3, whereas the existence of a co-advisor implies a jury of 5. Advisors are by default jury members. In MS defences, at least one person must be from another department. In PhD defences, at least one person must be from another university.

People who plan to defend in summer and apply for PhD next fall should track the pre-registration procedures put forward by the registration office, and the interview of the department. This possibly includes filling of forms and paying some fees. The department accepts those people to PhD on condition (i.e. on the condition that they successfully defend their MS theses).

Rules for Graduate Theses

  1. Every graduate student has to prepare a thesis proposals as a one-two A4-size page(s) together with a faculty member until the end of their second semester. The thesis proposal has to be submitted to the department for approval by the thesis advisor.  Then the thesis title, advisor and student names have to be reported to the Institute of Graduate Studies in Science and Engineering. Starting from the third semester, the graduate student has to register to the MS thesis section of the advisor during the course registration period.
  2. Theses should be prepared in FBE style and corrected by thesis advisors then sent to all jury members as a printed copy 2 weeks (for MS) / 4 weeks (for PhD) before the thesis defense.
  3. Before each MS thesis defense, at least one national or international conference paper should be submitted for review.
  4. Every semester, each MS student should prepare a progress report for his/her thesis advisor.
  5. Before the thesis defense, each student who finishes his/her thesis should leave a copy of a web page that contains the electronic copy of his/her thesis and related documents on the departmental server.
  6. Conformance to these rules are checked by the graduate committee.
Committee Members for Graduate Study in CmpE

  • M. Alper Şen (Advisor for current MS students)
  • Fatih Alagöz (Advisor for current MS students)
  • Arda Yurdakul (Graduate Studies Coordinator)

For further information contact department secretary.

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