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  Application to Master of Science in Computer Engineering    

All applicants have to fulfill the requirements specified by the University and the Computer Engineering Department.

Official Application to Registrar's Office: April 1 - 24, 2014
Scientific Exam: May 9, 2014, Friday, 9:00-15:00, at CMPE building

Our graduate interviews are on May 9th with the following details
MS interviews : 9:00 - 12:00 (individual schedule will be e-mailed to each applicant)
PhD interviews : 12:00-14:00 @ AVS (Room 16 at CmpE Building)

Online Application:

All applicants have to submit an online application to the department, as well as to the registrar's office.
Requirements of the University:

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Requirements of the Computer Engineering Department:

  • Minimum BS GPA score: 2.60/4.00
  • Minimum "ALES Sayisal" score: 85 (or minimum GRE-quantitative score: 740 (minimum Revised GRE score: 158)).
  • The department will accept the students in the following fields. You can prefer at most three instructors. Please fill the related fields on the online-application site of OBIKAS according to your preference list. Applicants with no preference list will not be invited to the scientific exam.
    Albert Ali Salah: Human behavior analysis, pattern recognition, computer vision
    Alper Sen: Verification, Multicore Systems
    Arzucan Ozgur: NLP/Text Mining, Bioinformatics
    Arda Yurdakul: FPGA(reconfigurable computing), Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture
    A. Taylan Cemgil: Machine learning
    A. C. Cem Say: Theoretical Computer Science
    Bert Arnrich: Wearable/Ubiquitous Computing
    Can Ozturan: Parallel Processing, Graph Algorithms
    Cem Ersoy: Ubiquitous computing, ambient sensing and activity recognition, urban sensing, pervasive healthcare, software defined networks, green networks, smart homes, smart cities, smart grid, intelligent transportation systems
    Ethem Alpaydin: Pattern Recognition/Machine Learning
    Fatih Alagoz: Software Defined Networks / Information Centric Networks
    Fikret Gurgen: Intelligent Systems, Medical Applications, Speech Processing, Machine Learning
    Haluk Bingol: 1. Identification of influencer persons in social networks
    2. Epilepsy network
    Lale Akarun: Sign language recognition, sign language animation
    Levent Akin: Robotics
    M. Ufuk Caglayan: Computer Security
    Oguz Tosun: Multicore/manycore architectures (Performance, Reliability, Power efficiency aspects)
    Pinar Yolum: Multiagent Systems, Semantic Web, Privacy, Online education
    Suzan Uskudarli: Social Semantic Web
    Taflan Gundem: Database systems and their applications
    Tuna Tugcu: Cognitive Radio, NanoNetworking
    Tunga Gungor: Natural language processing, Machine translation, Machine learning
  • Invited applicants are expected to appear at the scientific exam on the announced date and time.
  • No reference letter is required for the graduates of Bogazici Univ. Computer Engineering department.
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