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  Name Lastname Advisor Thesis Title Year
1.  Akın Günay Pınar Yolum Birbil Generating, Ranking, and Enacting Commitment Protocols 2013
2.  Remzi Özgür Kafalı Pınar Yolum Birbil Automated Reasoning on Exceptions in Commitment-Based Multiagent Systems 2012
3.  Barış Eker Levent Akın Evolutionary Algorithms for Solving DEC-POMDP Problems 2012
4.  Can Komar Cem Ersoy Detection Quality in Multimedia Wireless Sensor Networks with Travelers' Favorite Paths [abstract] 2012
5.  Reyhan Aydoğan Pınar Yolum Birbil Negotiating with Qualitative Preferences: Methods for Generating Bids Effectively 2011
6.  Şerif Bahtiyar M. Ufuk Çağlayan Core-Crust Modeling Approach For Formal Representation and Analysis of Trust in Relation to Computer Security 2011
7.  Betül Demiröz Oğuz Tosun
(Co-advisor: Haluk Topçuoğlu)
Application Mapping and Optimization for CMP Architectures 2011
8.  M. Yunus Donmez Cem Ersoy Quality of Service Aware Contention and Deployment Analysis in Wireless Sensor Networks [download] 2011
9.  Sinan Işık Cem Ersoy Load Balanced Reliable Forwarding for Wireless Sensor Networks [download] 2011
10.  Kemal Kaplan Levent Akın ADES: Automatic Driver Evaluation System 2011
11.  Çetin Meriçli Levent Akın
(Co-advisor: Manuela Veloso [Carnegie Mellon University])
Multi-Resolution Model Plus Correction Paradigm for Task and Skill Refinement on Autonomous Robots [abstract] [download] 2011
12.  Ali Haydar Özer Can Özturan AUCTION AND BARTER MODELS FOR ELECTRONIC MARKETS [abstract] [download] 2011
13.  Haşim Sak Tunga Güngör
(Co-advisor: Murat Saraçlar)
Integrating Morphology into Automatic Speech Recognition: Morpholexical and Discriminative Language Models for Turkish [abstract] [download] 2011
14.  Aslı Uyar Özkaya Ayşe Bener Assessing Machine Learning Methods in IVF Process: Predictive Modeling of Implantation and Blastocyst Development [abstract] [download] 2011
15.  Devrim Ünal M. Ufuk Çağlayan FPFM: A Formal Specification and Verification Framework for Security Policies in Multi-Domain Mobile Networks 2011
16.  Abuzer Yakaryılmaz A. C. Cem Say Classical and quantum computation with small space bounds [abstract] [download] 2011
17.  Mehmet Gönen Ethem Alpaydın Localized Multiple Kernel Algorithms for Machine Learning [abstract] [download] 2010
18.  Gülfem Işıklar Alptekin Ayşe Bener Alternative Spectrum Trading Architectures in Cognitive Radio Networks: Spectrum Exchange, CRM, Strict Power Control [abstract] 2010
19.  Rabun Koşar Cem Ersoy Nonuniformity in Wireless Sensor Network Design [download] 2010
20.  Levent Özgür Tunga Güngör Improving Text Classification Performance with the Analysis of Lexical Dependencies and Class-based Feature Selection [abstract] [download] 2010
21.  Canan Pembe Tunga Güngör Automated Query-Biased and Structure-Preserving Document Summarization for Web Search Tasks [abstract] [download] 2010
22.  Onur Dikmen Lale Akarun
(Co-advisor: A. Taylan Cemgil)
Blind Source Separation Using Bayesian Techniques 2009
23.  Ömer Korçak Fatih Alagöz Routing and Network Mobility Management in Next Generation Satellite Networks [abstract] [download] 2009
24.  Tolga Önel Cem Ersoy Network Centric Warfare Communications with Wireless Sensor Networks and Data Fusion [abstract] 2009
25.  Atay Özgövde Cem Ersoy An Application Aware Utility Based Lifetime Quantification Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks [download] 2009
26.  M. Aydın Ulaş Ethem Alpaydın Incremental Construction of Cost-Conscious Ensembles Using Multiple Learners and Representations in Machine Learning [abstract] [download] 2009
27.  Oya Aran Lale Akarun Vision Based Sign Language Recognition: Modeling and Recognizing Isolated Signs With Manual and Non-manual Components [abstract] [download] 2008
28.  Kubilay Atasu Can Özturan Hardware/Software Partitioning and Data Path Synthesis for Extensible Processors 2008
29.  Ilker Bekmezci Fatih Alagöz A TDMA based MAC protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks 2008
30.  Ilker Demirkol Cem Ersoy Medium Access Control Layer Performance Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks [abstract] [download] 2008
31.  Murat Şensoy Pınar Yolum Birbil A Flexible Agent-Mediated E-Commerce Framework For Context Aware Service Selection 2008
32.  Burak Turhan Ayşe Bener Improving the Performance of Software Defect Predictors with Internal and External Information Sources [abstract] 2008
33.  Fatih Köksal Cem Ersoy Multicasting for All-Optical Multifiber Networks 2007
34.  Ertan Onur Cem Ersoy Quality of Deployement in Surveillance Wireless Sensor Networks 2007
35.  Albert Ali Salah Lale Akarun Biologically Motivated 3D Face Recognition [abstract] [download] 2007
36.  Kaan Bür Cem Ersoy Quality-of-Service-Aware Multicast Routing for Multimedia Applications in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks [abstract] [download] 2006
37.  Berk Gökberk Lale Akarun Three Dimensional Face Recognition [abstract] [download] 2006
38.  Hatice Köse-Bağcı Levent Akın A Collaborative Multi-agent Localization Technique for Autonomous Mobile Robots 2006
39.  Alp Sardağ Levent Akın Autonomous Strategy Planning Under Uncertainty 2006
40.  Olcay Taner Yıldız Ethem Alpaydın Tuning Model Complexity Using Cross-Validation in Supervised Learning 2005
41.  Nahit Emanet Can Özturan Sequential and parallel algorithms for the rectilinear steiner tree problem [abstract] 2004
42.  M. Toygar Karadeniz Levent Akın A Neuro-Fuzzy Approach to Partially Observable Robot Navigation Problems 2004
43.  İlker Oyman Cem Ersoy Multiple Sink Location Problem and Energy Efficiency in Large Scale Wireless Sensor Networks 2004
44.  Cenk Kaynak Ethem Alpaydın Combining Multiple Machine Learning Algorithms To Learn Rules And Exceptions 2002
45.  Roy Küçükateş Cem Ersoy A minimum flow maximum residual method for routing in LEO satellite networks 2002
46.  Tuna Tugcu Cem Ersoy A Realistic mobility model and its application to a reservation-based call admission scheme for DS-CDMA cellular systems [abstract] [download] 2001
47.  Ali Metin Balcı Selahattin Kuru A Corba Based Infrastructure for Command and Control Systems 2000
48.  Erdal Çayırcı Cem Ersoy Application of 3G PCS Technologies to the Mobile Subsystem of the Next Generation Tactical Communications Systems 2000
49.  Albert Levi M. Ufuk Çağlayan Design and Performance Evaluation of the Nested Certification Scheme and its Applications in Public Key Infrastructures, 1999
50.  Dogan Özdemir Lale Akarun Fuzzy Approaches in quantization and dithering of color images 1999
51.  Sema F. Oktuğ M. Ufuk Çağlayan Design and Performance Evaluation of a Banyan Network Based Interconnection Structure for ATM Switches [abstract] 1996
52.  Tunga Güngör Selahattin Kuru Computer Processing of Turkish: Morphological and Lexical Investigation [abstract] [download] 1995
53.  A. C. Cem Say Selahattin Kuru Qualitative System Identification [abstract] [download] 1992
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