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  CmpE 542    

Automated Theorem Proving

Description: Review of prepositional and first-order logic. Herbrand’s theorem. The resolution principle. Semantic resolution and lock resolution. Linear resolution. The equality relation. Some proof procedures based on Herbrand’s theorem. Program analysis. Deductive question answering, problem solving and program synthesis. Implementation of a theorem prover.

Course Offerings:

Fall 2013Tunga Güngör
Fall 2012Tunga Güngör
Fall 2010Tunga Güngör
Fall 2009Tunga Güngör
Fall 2008Tunga Güngör
Fall 2007Tunga Güngör
Fall 2006Tunga Güngör
Fall 2005Tunga Güngör
Fall 2004Tunga Güngör
Fall 2003Tunga Güngör
Spring 2003Tunga Güngör
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