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  CmpE 535    

Computer Graphics

Description: The acquired image and the synthesized image: Image models, sampling, and quantization. Image acquisition hardware, stereo imaging and 3D model formation. Modeling techniques for curves, surfaces, and solids. Overview of basic rendering techniques. Reflectance and illumination models. Texture and environment mapping. Advanced rendering techniques: ray tracing, volume rendering, radiosity, procedural texture.

Course Offerings:

Spring 2010Ali Vahit Şahiner
Spring 2009Ali Vahit Şahiner
Spring 2008Ali Vahit Şahiner
Spring 2007Ali Vahit Şahiner
Spring 2006Ali Vahit Şahiner
Spring 2005Ali Vahit Şahiner
Spring 2004Lale Akarun
Spring 2003Lale Akarun
Spring 2002Lale Akarun
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