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  CmpE 478    

Parallel Processing

Description: Parallel machine and performance models: PRAM, speedup, work efficiency, scalability, Brent's theorem. Parallel programming with message passing and multi-threading libraries. Parallel algorithms: Prefix computation, pointer jumping, list ranking, Euler tours on trees, sorting. Parallel architectures: Multiprocessors, multicomputers and Flynn's taxonomy, SIMD, MIMD, SPMD, interconnection topologies. Load balancing and graph partitioning methods.

Prerequisite: Cmpe322

Common Course Material

Course Offerings:

Fall 2013Can Ízturan
Spring 2011Can Ízturan
Spring 2007Can Ízturan
Spring 2006Can Ízturan
Spring 2005Can Ízturan
Spring 2004Can Ízturan
Spring 2003Can Ízturan
Spring 2002Can Ízturan
Spring 2001Can Ízturan
Spring 2000Can Ízturan
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