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  CmpE 360    

Numerical Methods

Description: Floating-point arithmetic and errors. Root finding. Numerical differentiation and integration. Approximation of functions. Numerical linear algebra. Computation of eigenvalues and solution of ordinary differential equations. Analysis of numerical algorithms.

Prerequisite: MATH 202

Common Course Material

Course Offerings:

Spring 2010Lale Akarun
Spring 2009Lale Akarun
Spring 2008Lale Akarun
Spring 2007Lale Akarun
Spring 2006Lale Akarun
Spring 2005Lale Akarun
Spring 2004Lale Akarun
Spring 2003Can Ízturan
Spring 2002Can Ízturan
Spring 2001Can Ízturan
Spring 2000Can Ízturan
Spring 1999Can Ízturan
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