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  CmpE 344    

Computer Organization

Description: Register transfer level design. Basic computer layout. Instruction sets and their implementation. Addressing techniques. ALU, hardwired and microprogrammed controllers. Memory unit. I/O structures and interrupt handling. Improvements on von Neumann machine. Bus structures. Assembly programming.

Prerequisite: CMPE 240

Course Offerings:

Fall 2013Oğuz Tosun
Summer 2013Oğuz Tosun
Fall 2012Oğuz Tosun
Summer 2012Oğuz Tosun
Fall 2011Oğuz Tosun
Summer 2011Oğuz Tosun
Fall 2010Oğuz Tosun
Summer 2010Oğuz Tosun
Fall 2009Oğuz Tosun
Summer 2009Oğuz Tosun
Fall 2008Oğuz Tosun
Fall 2007Oğuz Tosun
Fall 2006Oğuz Tosun
Summer 2006M. Ufuk Çağlayan
Fall 2005Oğuz Tosun
Fall 2004Oğuz Tosun
Fall 2003Oğuz Tosun
Fall 2002Oğuz Tosun
Fall 2001Oğuz Tosun
Fall 2000Oğuz Tosun
Fall 1999Oğuz Tosun
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