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  CmpE 321    

Introduction To Database Systems

Description: Logical organization of data: Entity-relationship modelling of data. Hierarchical, network and relational models. Data description and query languages. Normal forms and database design. Physical design and access strategies. Security, integrity and reliability. Design and implementation of a simple database management system that includes file security and a simple query language.

Prerequisite: CMPE 250

Course Offerings:

Summer 2013Taflan Gündem
Spring 2013Taflan Gündem
Summer 2012Taflan Gündem
Spring 2012Taflan Gündem
Summer 2011Taflan Gündem
Spring 2011Taflan Gündem
Summer 2010Taflan Gündem
Spring 2010Taflan Gündem
Summer 2009Taflan Gündem
Spring 2009Taflan Gündem
Summer 2008Taflan Gündem
Spring 2008Taflan Gündem
Summer 2007Taflan Gündem
Spring 2007Taflan Gündem
Summer 2006Taflan Gündem
Spring 2006Taflan Gündem
Summer 2005Taflan Gündem
Spring 2005Taflan Gündem
Summer 2004Taflan Gündem
Spring 2004Taflan Gündem
Spring 2003Taflan Gündem
Summer 2002Taflan Gündem
Spring 2002Taflan Gündem
Summer 2001Taflan Gündem
Spring 2001Taflan Gündem
Summer 2000Taflan Gündem
Spring 2000Taflan Gündem
Summer 1999Taflan Gündem
Spring 1999Taflan Gündem
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