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  CmpE 320    

Principles Of Programming Languages

Description: Syntax, semantics and pragmatics of programming languages. Data, storage and control. Binding of identifiers. Procedural abstraction. Definitions, sequences and concurrent processes. Types. Formal semantics. Study of key features of existing programming languages.

Prerequisite: CMPE 250

Course Offerings:

Summer 2009Tunga Güngör
Spring 2009Tunga Güngör
Summer 2008Tunga Güngör
Spring 2008Tunga Güngör
Summer 2007Tunga Güngör
Spring 2007Tunga Güngör
Spring 2006Tunga Güngör
Spring 2005Tunga Güngör
Spring 2004Tunga Güngör
Spring 2003Tunga Güngör
Spring 2002Tunga Güngör
Spring 1999Zeki Bayram
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