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  CmpE 240    

Digital Systems

Description: Number systems. Boolean algebra, logic networks and their simplification. Logic design with gates. MSI and LSI technologies. Combinatorial circuits and sequential circuits. Counters, shift registers, computer organization, arithmetic logic, memory and control units, mini and microcomputer systems. Laboratory experiments and applications of digital logic design.

Course Offerings:

Spring 2013Alper Şen
Spring 2012Alper Şen
Spring 2011Alper Şen
Spring 2010Alper Şen
Spring 2009Alper Şen
Fall 2008Arda Yurdakul
Spring 2008Arda Yurdakul
Spring 2007Arda Yurdakul
Spring 2006Arda Yurdakul
Spring 2005Arda Yurdakul
Spring 2004Arda Yurdakul
Spring 2003Arda Yurdakul
Spring 2002Arda Yurdakul
Spring 2001Lale Akarun
Spring 2000Lale Akarun
Spring 1999Lale Akarun
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