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Computer Engineering Department Milestones :

  • 1976 : "Computer Science" graduate program is established within the Faculty of Arts & Sciences.
  • 1982 : "Computer Engineering Department is established within the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Computer Engineering undergraduate program is designed to meet the requirements of IEEE/ACM Joint Curriculum Committee.
  • Acceptance of new students to "Computer Science" program is frozen to allocate more resources to the new program.
  • 1986 : First group of students graduated in Computer Engineering undergraduate program.
  • Computer Engineering MSc. and PhD programs are designed and started.
  • 1988 : As a result of the rapid development of the Department and the enhancement via
  • graduate programs, the Department is moved from Computer Center to the newly completed "Educational Technology Building" . Besides continuing research and education in Computer Engineering , the department organized to give service to entire University in computer literacy education and associated PC Laboratory service with the following facilities :
    • Open to the benefit of entire University 5 PC laboratories equiped with total of 60 PC's (One is furnished as pilot classroom for Computer Aided Education ).
    • "Software Engineering" and "Computer Hardware" educational laboratories.
    • " Artificial Intelligence","Computer Aided Design" and "Robotics" research laboratories.
    • A minicomputer Laboratory giving service with a 7 terminal PDP 11/23 minicomputer.
  • 1992 : Both undergraduate and graduate programs are revised to comply with the new report published by IEEE/ACM joint Curriculum Committee. Service courses are reorganized to give better service..
  • Total number of students registered in the Department reached to 360 including 57 graduate students.
  • 1998 : Quality of education of the Computer Engineering Program is internationally certified by ABET acreditation board.
  • 2003 : Software Engineering MSc program is started to reeducate 4 year graduates as software engineers at the graduate level to meet the high demands of industry for software professionals.
  • 2004 : Computer Engineering Department reassured second time via ABET acreditation that it preserves high quality of education which was certified by the same institution 6 years ago.
  • 2006 : Modernization and reinforcement of "Educational Technology Building" against earthquake hazard is completed . Computer Engineering Department which the size of staff has reached to 19 full time and 8 part time faculty with 21 research and teaching assistants moved back to its renovated building from a temporary stay in Hisar kampus.
  • 2010: ABET Accreditation is renewed.
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