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  Building & Facilities    

Located in the North campus, Computer Engineering department building is renovated in 2006. The 8 floor building contains faculty and administrative offices, research laboratories, classrooms, computer laboratories and student lounges
Each classroom is equipped with a computer and a projector. Three of the classrooms are equipped with a total of 190 computers for student usage during practical lectures. The computer screens are placed inside the desks to faciliate lecturing.

Bogazici University Computer Engineering Department has the highest number of computers per student among Turkish universities:

  • Introductory Programming Laboratory/Classroom: 190 computers with TFT screen, 3.2 GHz. P4 processor (established in 2006)
  • PC Laboratory: Personal computers and servers for undergraduate students: 72 computers with TFT screen, 3.2 GHz, P4 processorr (renovated in 2005)
  • Hardware Laboratory: Digital systems, FPGA programming, computer architecture, microprocessors (renovated in 2005)
  • Together with the research laboratories, there are about 400 computers in the department which are constantly renovated.
A room, at the entrance of the department building, is dedicated to students as a student lounge for studying and relaxing.
Boğaziçi University Department of Computer Engineering
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